Try the SkillBars Demos

Our demos are free to use and distribute without needing to register, provide any contact information, or set up a meeting with us. You’re only one click away from experiencing the real app, with the only difference being any changes you make will not be saved.

Training Demo

Our training demo will allow you to:

  1. Listen to our “Listening" audio training.
  2. Take the “Listening" self-assessment.
  3. Track your progress by earning Skill Bars.
  4. Earn your first Skill Badge.
  5. Create, edit, and delete playlists.
  6. Copy shareable time-point URLs.
  7. Update your profile photo, name, and title.

Admin Dashboard Demo

Our admin dashboard demo will allow you to:

  1. Browse 250 simulated user skill cards.
  2. Add, edit, and delete users.
  3. Edit the organization.
  4. Navigate using the org tree sidebar.
  5. Move users around different org units.
  6. Search for users by name.
  7. View a user’s training history page.
  8. Iterate through a user’s training history.
  9. View license assignments.