About SkillBars

Rob Green Headshot

The story of SkillBars begins in The Bahamas, where I was born and raised until I came to the US for college to study particle physics. 

I earned my Queen’s Scout and Duke of Edinburg Gold award in high school. Both programs emphasize teamwork and leadership and use badges to track training progress. In college, my physics education centered on reductive reasoning, where complex systems are understood by breaking them down into their simpler, more fundamental components. 

After college, I entered the workforce as a software developer, where I was able to apply the skills gained in my youth in leadership roles, as well as apply reductive reasoning in my work as a software architect. This combination allowed me to lead technical teams tasked with designing, developing, and deploying complex enterprise software systems.

During this time period, I came to understand just how different my ingrained communication culture coming from The Bahamas and a physics education was to a corporate communication culture - with practically no overlap whatsoever. I learned through trial and error over the first half of my career what I could say, how I could say it, and who I could say it to in order to be clearly understood and achieve positive outcomes. 

When I had an opportunity to create my own company, I wanted to blend my dual passions of software architecture and helping people develop their soft skills into a single vertically integrated platform. After four years of research and development, I launched SkillBars as a solution to the problem of developing the soft skills of entire workforces in a manner that is consistent, trackable, and engaging.

I hope my work can benefit as many people as possible, from organizations developing their staff to individuals seeking to advance their careers. I think the world is a better place when we all can learn to be better communicators, team players, and leaders, and I hope to play a small role in contributing to that future.