Soft Skills Training for Professionals

SkillBars provides audio training and self-assessments that enable employees to improve their soft skills while they work. Skill bars and badges are earned to track training progress, which is monitored in the admin dashboard.

Training Programs

Our three soft skills training programs each have ten training modules, each with three levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced. Each level has three topics with an average of 6 minutes of audio training. Altogether our training programs cover 270 topics in around 30 hours.


  • ListeningSample
    Presence, Interest, Openness
    Notetaking, Questions, Restating
    Subtext, Context, Inference
  • Clarity
    Takeaways, Simplicity, Repetition
    Audience, Delivery, Duration
    Examples, Comparisons, Stories
  • Written
    Titles, Summaries, Structure
    Readability, Tone, Sources
    Editing, Proofreading, Publishing
  • Visual
    Minimalism, Color, Typography
    Layout, Tables, Charts
    Diagrams, Illustrations, Photos
  • Nonverbal
    Awareness, Impressions, Anomalies
    Happiness, Sadness, Anger
    Discomfort, Deception, Rejection
  • Empathy
    Emotions, Sensitivity, Vulnerability
    Perspectives, Consideration, Support
    Patience, Tolerance, Acceptance
  • De-escalation
    Stress, Conflict, Composure
    Facilitation, Intervention, Mediation
    Resolution, Restoration, Reorganization
  • Assertiveness
    Honesty, Diplomacy, Directness
    Timing, Personalities, Objections
    Updates, Debate, Critique
  • Negotiation
    Relationships, Groundwork, Detachment
    Leverage, Bargaining, Persistence
    Ultimatums, Compromise, Abandonment
  • Professionalism
    Appearance, Punctuality, Etiquette
    Attitude, Affability, Confidence
    Jargon, Formality, Deference


  • Respect
    Beliefs, Behavior, Character
    Friendliness, Courtesy, Dignity
    Roles, Tenure, Authority
  • Collaboration
    Friends, Coworkers, Colleagues
    Sharing, Cooperation, Partnerships
    Symbiosis, Amplification, Elevation
  • Coordination
    Meetings, Agendas, Discussion
    Emails, Documentation, Recordings
    Video, Texts, Phone
  • Proficiency
    Education, Training, Learning
    Talent, Aptitude, Practice
    Experience, Expertise, Mastery
  • Quality
    Requirements, Accuracy, Details
    Testing, Defects, Verification
    Excellence, Pride, Satisfaction
  • Productivity
    Tasks, Focus, Effort
    Speed, Efficiency, Effectiveness
    Results, Discipline, Pacing
  • Dependability
    Trust, Timeliness, Predictability
    Expectations, Checkpoints, Completion
    Reliability, Consistency, Reputation
  • Adaptability
    Changes, Disruptions, Inconveniences
    Mindset, Flexibility, Alternatives
    Growth, Evolution, Transitions
  • Accountability
    Commitment, Ownership, Responsibility
    Determination, Perseverance, Sacrifice
    Loyalty, Duty, Honor
  • Resiliency
    Disappointment, Mistakes, Failure
    Reframing, Gratitude, Recovery
    Optimism, Realism, Stoicism


  • Mission
    Opportunities, Objectives, Outcomes
    Constraints, Challenges, Obstacles
    Purpose, Inspiration, Fulfillment
  • Planning
    Deliverables, Deadlines, Budget
    Headcount, Allocation, Dependencies
    Risks, Milestones, Contingency
  • Motivation
    Money, Rewards, Achievement
    Competition, Winning, Losing
    Conviction, Enthusiasm, Energy
  • Capability
    Readiness, Willingness, Ability
    Strengths, Weaknesses, Composition
    Novices, Generalists, Specialists
  • Performance
    Fairness, Standards, Handbooks
    Reviews, Feedback, Advice
    Compensation, Promotion, Bonuses
  • Delegation
    Resources, Competence, Availability
    Assignment, Direction, Supervision
    Status, Capacity, Autonomy
  • Culture
    Differences, Comfort, Harmony
    Caring, Community, Belonging
    Working, Socializing, Playing
  • Agility
    Decomposition, Prioritization, Iteration
    Process, Estimation, Progress
    Optimization, Adjustments, Improvement
  • Morale
    Encouragement, Appreciation, Recognition
    Celebration, Authenticity, Sincerity
    Burnout, Toxicity, Resignations
  • Execution
    Goals, Strategy, Tactics
    Choices, Decision, Action
    Pivots, Retreats, Success

Audio Training

Building on the trend towards podcasts and audiobooks, our training is provided in audio format. Being optimized for audio, users are able to get high-quality training while they work, commute, or in their free time.

Audio coaching screenshot


Users are asked to self-report their behavior by answering how often they engage in a particular behavior, and we correlate their answers to the understanding of a specific topic.

Assessment screenshot

Skill Bars and Badges

After taking a self-assessment, users earn sections of a progress bar for every topic they understand. The user is awarded a skill badge when all of a module’s topics are understood.

Micro-credentials screenshot


Playlists enable some or all of our 270 topics to be combined in any order to create a soft skills training program personalized for an individual or customized for an entire organization. By adding a description, playlists can also function as internal blog posts to encourage social learning and facilitate remote management.

Playlists screenshot

Admin Dashboard

Each user’s soft skills assessment results are presented as a Skill Card in the admin dashboard that displays which of the 270 training program topics they have completed. Knowledge gaps are easily detectable as visual gaps in an otherwise all-green skill card.

Skill Cards screenshot

Training History Navigator

Our training history navigator enables managers to jump to the first or last assessment result and skip forward or backward to understand trends, tendencies, and opportunities for improvement.

Training History Navigator screenshot